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Moving is exciting. But it has a dark side… attachment.

You like your stuff. Even when it is outdated and, may be useless, you hate to give it up. Right?
As a first step, THINK PAINT. “Oh no,” you may be thinking. “I have enough to do and you want me to paint furniture, geez!” Well, yes. Or, if you can’t even deal, hire someone to do it for you. But, it’s not as tough as it used to be.

Some light sanding, a couple of coats of latex paint in a hot color and a change-up of the nobs and handles can often make an old war horse voguish again . Most paint doesn’t even need to be stripped before painting. Only if it is peeling badly. Surprise!

If you want to go further, add an antique glaze. You can apply it with a paint brush to the areas you want glazed and wipe it off with a clean cloth. There are so many ways you can use paints, stains and glazes, and the “go to” source for tutorials is Pinterest! Sign in and search “Painting or antiquing old furniture” or “repurposing old furniture”. I guarantee that you will will entertained and inspired!
Here’s one. A trendsitter for dinning chairs is to convert 3 chairs, two with arms, into a bench. Remove the left arm of one chair and the right arm of the other. If the chairs are upholstered, remove the seats. Nail the chairs together as evenly as possible, with an arm on each end. Cover the chairs with a length of board(s) to fit the three seats and nail down. Fill the nail holes with wood filler. Paint and cover with cushions. Done

Not to brag, but I have a niece who is a superwoman. Recently, she took a portion of a crib and did a clever job of converting it to a girl’s headboard. Her daughter loves it.
Did you know that you can even paint upholstered fabric? Wax the fabric and it becomes waterproof! The possibilities are endless. Don’t be a chicken wing. Start small and stun yourself with one wonderful piece. You will be hooked…and in line for heroine worship.

Here is a short list of idea generators and links for you:
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