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Wow – real estate sure is easy!

First-time buyers can find the home of their dreams – and get a mortgage too!

Renovating a house is quick – and fun!

Selling a home is like flipping a switch! (Which reminds us: Flipping a house is a wonderful hobby that everyone should consider.)

Yeah. And we at KMS Partners can leave our office, and walk to the planet Zork.

The rise of reality TV real estate shows – “House Hunter,” “Extreme Makeover,” “Flip That House” and so many others – is great. They expose a broad audience to the important advantages of owning property.

But there’s a downside. Folks get a skewed view of every step of the process. Real estate reality TV is about as unrealistic as anything in today’s world can get.

Just look at the credits. You’ll see writers, directors, cinematographers, makeup artists, musicians, even stunt men.

KMS Partners does not operate that way. No realtor does. In “real” real estate there is no script to follow. No scenes to edit or do over. Buying and selling does not come with background music.

It also does not take place in an hour. Every real estate transaction takes time. There are initial meetings. Tours of property. Second and third looks. More meetings. Last-minute postponements and delays. Real estate is just like every other part of life: Relationships. Marriage. Having kids. Throw out the timetable and preconceptions, and go with the flow.

Speaking of meetings, have you ever seen a TV show in which documents are signed? Contracts, disclosure statements and title searches are hardly the most glamorous part of a real estate deal. But they’re crucial, and we spend a lot of time making sure they’re done right. That’s part of reality TV gets left on the cutting room floor – if it was ever filmed at all.

There’s so much more that realtors chuckle at when we watch these shows (and we do watch!). Meetings at glamorous restaurants; open houses featuring open bars; fast-paced renovation projects with contractors arriving right on time, day after work-filled day – all those are realtors’ dreams.

And that’s the point: Reality TV is dreamland. In a perfect world, real estate transactions are flawless. Dream houses are quickly identified, then even more quickly bought. Instantly, the new owners move in. Cut!

Reality real estate shows are great entertainment. We’re glad they get folks motivated to buy or sell.

But if you want a soundtrack when KMS Partners shows you the home of your dreams, wear your headphones.

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